05 June 2010

Film Majors

You know who you are.  Don't pretend like you're making any contributions at all and good luck trying to say anything that hasn't already been said a million times already.

Now House music, that's an original medium.  Especially Progressive House, totally not the same bitch with a thousand faces.  Here are some Prog House tunes that sound like nothing you've never heard before.  Promise.


To start, let's do this incredible EP:

In The Red Light (Original Mix) - CJ Stone And Chriss Ortega Feat Lyck (Golden Banana)
Wow.  Unbelievable.  The drop is just incredible, what a fucking sound they made.  Also the vocal chopping, simple but perfect.

In The Red Light (Stone And Ortega Club Mix) - CJ Stone And Chriss Ortega Feat Lyck
Techy remix while keeping the super cheesy Prog buildup.

In The Red Light (Red Light Mix) - CJ Stone And Chriss Ortega Feat Lyck
More traditional Prog sound, very much like an EDX song.

Now for some more totally unique and original Prog songs:

Major Tom (Coming Home) (Adam K & Soha Club Edit) - Shiny Toy Guns (GOLDEN BANANA)
This has become one of my absolutely favorite remixes from this already very established team.  On loop for weeks.  Oddly fast tempo, does that make this Trance...?  Regardless, it's hard to get more beautiful than this track.

My Belief (Jean Elan Remix) - Syke N Sugarstarr & DBN Feat Cosmo Klein
Really sick bass and drums on this one, sort of Able Ramos like but more interesting.  Hate the vocals though, but what can you do.  I just thank God that this is the only Prog song with terrible vocals.

Sometimes (Johan Wedel Remix) - Dim Chris, Amanda Wilson
I just hear this one exploding on a massive sound system, this bass is meant to be felt just as much as it's meant to be heard.  In other words, MASSIVE TUNE.

Shine A Light (David Tort Remix) - Kurd Maverick
More on the Techy side, a lot like Swedish Tech Prog.  The most Proggy track from David Tort I've heard actually.  And the chords, so original!  Never heard these changes before, it's incredible.

Some People Will Never Learn (Original Mix) - Dinka
A track from the hero of Swehouse.  This is one of those Prog tracks that takes me to my mental beach place.  I'm surfing, gliding my fingertips along the face of the wave.  A bombshell in a red bikini smiles at me as a gentle breeze rustles her golden hair.  She climbs onto my board and we ride tandem into the eternal sunset.  There are hi fives and thumbs ups all around.  It's pretty fuckin sick, you should totally check it out sometime.


  1. those tort chords aren't that original...

    but my GOD those Dinka chords are glorious. Really great batch, bombs all. AND A MAJOR TOM REMIX! YESS!!

  2. As harsh as your words about film majors are, they're true.

  3. You're being sarcastic right? None of these are original. And plus, that's the best part about filmmaking; it's hard. Anybody with a synth and Ableton Live can do what these guys are doing. Look I love Flylo and Joy Orbison as much as the next guy but even they are using one structure over and over with small variations on a bunch of their songs. Cosmogramma isn't even that complicated and I would hold that album up as some of the craziest electro being done right now. Compare that shit to The Godfather. Exactly.

  4. I thought so, but then he commented on every song and I was like "maybe he's serious." Good to know Bastille's still got it together. And I love this post now lol.