28 June 2010

Girl Unit

Hmm, i feel like we need some more Funky, so here's some stuff by London DJ/Producer Girl Unit, one of the most exciting producers on the scene, with amazing deep hardcore sounds and a pitchshifting use of the drums, almost like talking drums, every so often breaking into half step. Bass music with tribal drums grime soundpallete and deep unstable organic synths, good stuff. This is his debut EP entitled I.R.L. out on the brilliant new label Night Slugs, which is run by Bok Bok & L-Vis. Make sure to grab this and enjoy, his remix for Marcus Price & Karli is insane.

Girl Unit - I.R.L. EP (Full) chock full of our favorite fruit that is, Bananas.
I.R.L. ([Golden Banana
Temple Keys ([Golden Banana

^Wow, yet another ([Golden Banana good show^

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