29 June 2010

Joe (EDIT)

British label Hessle Audio, run by Funkystyled Dubstep producers Ramadanman & Pangaea and Forwardthinking DJonly Ben UFO, has been a veritable funky minimal gloopy dubstep thinktank always bringing a fresh sound. Their latest release was by Joe, who has released on the label before, his brand of funky brings a very minimal, percussive, latin, maybe even favelaflavored sound, backed by fantasticly low subs, reminiscent of very early oizo think stuff off "#1" Here are his two EPs, enjoyyyyy!
Joe - Claptrap/Level Crossing EP (2010)
Level Crossing ([Golden Banana

Joe - Grimelight/Rut EP (2009)

EDIT: It has come to my attention that just as i was posting this, Joe came out with another EP on Appleblim's label Apple Pips, AWESOME stuff! experimental, great percussion, again.

Joe - Untitled/Digest EP (2010) FULL

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