27 June 2010


I feel like I either defeat EDC, or am defeated by it.  This year was probably the latter.  Not that it wasn't awesome, just damn was it a night.  Here's our review for the 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival.



Wolfgang Gartner

I mean, he's the second fucking coming of christ.  And he played Yin.  Also heard what most certainly were unreleased tracks that sounded sick as fuck.  Man's really the best.

Boys Noize

This will be the 4th time I've seen this dude.  Hopefully you've all already had the pleasure as well.  His stage presence is always top notch.  But if that's not enough, check out the first 3 songs in his setlist:

Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine Remix) - Boys Noize
Lyposuct (Original) - D.I.M. & TAI
Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Mix) - Paul Chambers

Felix Cartal

J liked his set more than Boys Noize, and it was definitely a competitor.  Boys Noize had the advantage of bigger stage, better lights, headlining slot, and well, just being Boys Noize.  That said, Felix managed to get his daytime crowd jumping, and was dropping some awesome fucking tracks.  He also just looked dope on stage.  He's come a long way since I first saw him for free at Vassar.

Beyond God To Elvis (Felix Cartal Remix) - From Monument To Masses


Fedde Le Grand

Caught the end of his set before Boys Noize.  Good stuff, not as stand out as the above stuff, but definitely enjoyable.  Some songs were too minimal and just got boring and you could see it in the crowd, but he's redeem himself with the next song.  He played this Hardwell bootleg that I'm not too crazy about, but I love the song underneath it:

Laidback Luke

I'm sure he would have been in the best list, but we couldn't get onto the floor for the main stage.  We saw the end of his set from the stands where the sound was really shitty.  Then he dropped some Dubstep and Drum & Bass.  Hearing that at the Main Stage at EDC was nice.

Groove Armada

We didn't catch much of their set either, but it sounded dope.  We were just pretty tired then and their stuff was sort of trancier than we needed to get us hyped.  But I'll put em here.


Duck Sauce

This was such a disappointment to me.  When we got there, it just wasn't going over well.  I heard them drop one of their originals called Grand Steppin which is like the homage to Daft Punk's Homework, and the crowd was not having it really.  Don't get me wrong, I fucking love it, but it wasn't what I wanted to hear at a rave.  As we were leaving to catch Fedde, they dropped a dope House track, so maybe it was just the tiny amount of time we were there, but we weren't willing to wait around for it to get better.


Since when is playing a pop song, stopping it to say things, and then playing another pop song considered DJing?  We only saw him because we wanted to get into the main stage to see Laidback Luke, but it was impossible.  Hearing songs like Thriller mixed in is awesome, but when you're just playing these types of songs to be a crowd pleaser, you're a bitch, especially when you're not even mixing them.  Fuck you, Will.I.Am, I got a feeling you should stick to the studio.


  1. You guys clearly weren't at duck sauce for long enough cuz that shit was definitely one of my favorite sets of the night.

  2. Duck Sauce was one of the best sets of the weekend right up there with boys noize, wolfgang, jack beats, and deadmau5. Probably not a good idea to judge them by a few minutes.

    I saw the whole set and everyone really got into it (ie singing along to barbara streisand)

  3. LOL I'm so glad you posted Duck Sauce as one of the worst sets. God that shit was atrocious. Armand Van Helden just ruins everything. The couple times I've seen A-trak by himself he was awesome.

    Agree on everything else for the most part as well. I don't like Fedde & thought his set sucked for the most part, but he dropped Tell Me Why, and that song is the business so I gave him a pass.

    It seemed like Wolfgang dropped at least 5 new tracks... his drums are just so distinct & amazing.