11 May 2010

Joy Orbison's '09 releases

Joy Orbison has been turning the Garage world on its head as he seamlessly unites its many facets, we seem to be entering a new era, with a new wave of artists helping to create an artfully progressive mutation of Dubstep. It came to my attention, that his must have track Hpyh Mngo had not been posted here, so i'm going to now, along with the rest of his released original work that i haven't already posted. Big Up to Joy!

Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo ([ Golden Banana

Rossi B & Luca - Don't Cry Soundbwoy just got a 320 version of this so i thought i'd post it, one of my favorite dubstep tracks, that wobble's an absolute facemelter, in fact it's also a ([ Golden Banana


  1. it's not garage, it's really dubstep/2-step (the kind of beat that made that uk garage sound)

  2. really fascinating stuff, a lot of elements that remind me a lot of Hudmo's FUSE