12 May 2010

Danger EP

Yes yes, I know this Danger EP came out a while back, but you know, after listening to 4h30 for the first time after a long spree of only house, I came to find that I just needed to find this EP. And I'm glad I did. These songs just have so many layers and just change so much in such interesting ways. Also gotta love that video gamey feel to them. I admit though, I'm not a huge fan of the remixes on the EP. Oh well you can't win it all. Too bad though because there could be some really amazing remixes. But it's good to see this man keepin it real and great.


4h30 by Danger, the most well known song on the EP and definitely my favorite. Just has some really catchy lines.

3h11 by Danger, trippiest?

3h16 by Danger, the most dangerous.

09/17/2007 - EP Zip

All the songs individually including the remixes.

Danger Myspace 

EDIT: I accidentally put 09/14 as the album in itunes and zip title, I don't feel like reupping everything, it's as simple as selecting them all in itunes and changing the album from a 4 to a 7. Sorry about that.


  1. I love the 80s feel of Danger's music and the video game sound as well. Not many are truly making electronic music that comes close or rivals Daft Punk. But Danger does. If you like Danger,Daft Punk or Justice you should check out Shadow The Machine Angel's "Daylight's End" EP.. a music video for the song was just released link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwc_bQv_NDk

    Trust me. You'll like. I pinky promise.