10 May 2010

Finally, Dimlite

Swiss psychedelic beatmaker/vocoder crooner, Dimlite, has been waiting to find a label for a couple years now to release what has now become the EP known as Prismic Tops, which came out this last week. It is like the rest of his work, a masterpeice of production, on par with the likes of Daedelus or Flying Lotus, who dropped his song 'sun sized twinkles' to mesmerizing effect in his BBC essential mix, anyways, been waiting for this ever since i heard it, now im giving it to you, this seminal EP of the psychedelic scene, enjoy!

Dimlite - Sun-Sized Twinkles ([ GOLDEN BANANA *another all-time favorite of mine*
Dimlite - Prismic Tops (LINK *fixed*) it is certainly tops


  1. I'm confused, did you just mean to link to one mp3 or was that supposed to link to the whole EP, because I definitely want the whole thing if you've got it.

  2. Yeah, you linked to last post's bonus rather than the EP.

  3. Having trouble unzipping the file. It keeps giving an error.

  4. sry anonymous, it appears to be working when i try it, is anyone else having this problem>?