29 April 2010

Back to a time when House was a state of mind!

Treating you all with a bit of throwback today, all the way from the second summer of love, one of the seminal Acid House albums, from our freinds from Manchester, 808 state's Quadrastate (1989)
808 State was formed by Graham Massey, Martin Price, and Gerald Simpson (better known as A Guy Called Gerald) they started out originally as hip hop djs but soon turned on to the Acid House scene and released their debut album in the genre Newbuild in 1988, following it up with their album Quadrastate, which features their infamous track 'Pacific State' which was hyped up on BBC Radio 1, helping with their success in the then emerging rave culture.
Mm So lets get that 808 pumping and that 303 squashing, drop it if you got it, yea, this is Acid!

"Enjoy!", Jumpman

Im sure you remember the epic Bingo Players track 'Devotion' which J posted in his batch here back in october, (by the way if you don't remember that than go get it, now)
but what i was getting at is, i've got the original track, a bit o' hip-house awesomeness all the way back from '91,
Nomad - (I Wanna Give You) Devotion *those vocals get me every time*

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