30 April 2010

Banana Fridays

Animal Kingdom I'd like to introduce our new King in the electro music scene. Andy's Ill is an EXCLUSIVE producer/dj for the daftwho? website. Just to give you an idea of how exclusive this guy is.... You wont find him on beatport, Juno, Boomkat or Itunes.
In short:

My name is Andy Sills, I’m from Toronto, Canada.
I was always involved in stupid pretentious tech-metal bands when I was younger, but as I grew up I realized that it wasn’t about how cool you think you are, but the friends that you make along the way, and the people that enjoy your music.
They’re the ones who make you “cool”.
I got into trash electro from some french dudes when I lived in Banff Alberta.
The French fucking know how to throw down.
My biggest influence is Systematic Earthly Gadgets. Great fucking guys.
I hope my music makes you want to hip check people at the club.
Mad Daftwho love for throwin me on this.

Apes, baboons, chimpanzees, monkeys or whatever animal you are, i'll keep it simple... Once you press the play button there's no going back.

The Struggle - Andys Ill (320)

Gruesome - Andys Ill (320) <3 Banana Foreign - Andys Ill (320) <3 banana Houdini's Alarm - Andys Ill (320) Filthy banana...

ps: Zip coming soonish...

I'm Simple P

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