05 March 2010

The Newbie

Hey Party Animals

Short I'm based in the cold misty wet amazon known as the UK, which In order to survive you need to live by one and only one rule;


What's a good night for me? Besides mating to the exotic bass lines coming out of a colossal PA system, vibrating the living shit outta me?The eargasms I get whilst djing.

Enough Said its Friday, let's get down to business.

Body Crash (JFK edit) - Buy Now(Platinum banana) this track is a must for any dirty electro set (320 kbps)

Don't let the intro fool you
Hoo Haa (Blatta & Inesha Remix) - Mightyfools
(golden banana) Dirty Break sounds (320 kbps)


I'm Simple P

Dance Hard Party Harder

ps: Yes I do have a slight british accent


  1. welcome, we expect great things.

  2. Good to have you in the wonderful world of blogging...

  3. Cheers mate :D I'm also glad to see ur back in the blogging world!

  4. that Buy Now track is awesome!

    Could I ask something completely off topic?:P
    Does anybody here know the "original" version of John Dahlback's Autumn? He sampled a piece of music, and I can't stand it that I can't come up with the original.
    Thanks in advance ;)

  5. If i had to take a guess it'd be Avicii's remix of remedy by Little boots

  6. Thanks for the reaction mate, it wasn't what I was looking for, but it's a cool song nonetheless.
    I actually just found what I was looking for xD
    The piece of music I meant was just the original
    John Dahlback - Autumn.
    Turns out I have the extended DUB version on my pc, little did I know that it was a pretty different song than the original xD. Thanks anyway for your help!