03 March 2010

I Am Proxy Server

Proxy is a Soviet and his name basically resonates throughout the Dance world as being synonymous with Heavy Ass Fucking Electro.  In fact, he probably makes the Heaviest Assiest Fuckingest Electro out there.  Sometimes it's a little much for me, but the dude does a great job at making his sound, and I've got to say I really do want to see him live, I'm sure it'd be a fucking mad house.  He's on Tiga's label Turbo.


8000 - Proxy
This shit is awesome.  Not a typical Proxy track, though it's probably my favorite.  Really cool eastern sample.

Raven - Proxy
One of the biggest Electro tracks of 2008 (definitely the most massive).  I still remember the first time I heard this live was Love Festival '08 in Los Angeles when Aoki dropped it.

Ready To Watching - Proxy (Golden Banana)
I give this the Golden one because I'm expecting few have this one, and it's a personal favorite of mine.  What a fat fucking synth.

What You Need (The Proxy Remix) - Tiga
Nasty drums.

Proxy Collection (171.4 MB)


  1. soviet is an offensive term, we don't use that kind of language here at AWB. Please remove it immediately.


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  3. good stuff.

    any chance you guys could do a post on this dude Royal K?

    i heard his Leave The World Behind Bootleg and i've been searchin all over for it