07 March 2010

Cooler Couleur

Just came out of an american themed house party, followed by and after party that consisted of walking to an abandoned school. Went back into halls the ball convener informs you that you've been promoted from support dj to Main Act? Damn life is beautiful!

Since I've been deprived of posting any warp edits remixes or mashups... I'll throw in a tune from
Crookers upcoming album Tons Of Friends

Hip Hop Changed (Busy P Remix) - Crookers Feat Rye Rye
(160 Kbps) If you love the crookers and Busy P's electro hip hop vibes then this track is definitely worth checking out!

Cooler Couleur - Crookers feat Yelle ( 128 kbps) Another little spoiler of Crookers upcoming album, Yelle's singing on this tracks gives french a whole new meaning instead of the old romantic a more urban underground feel to it.

Tons Of Friends Drops 8th of March so keep your eyes and ears Open (and some money to purchase the album!) as this seems to be a promising album! Yes despite their recent "Failures" anyhow

I'm Simple P

Dance Hard Party Harder


  1. wow. totally compelling prose there my friend.

  2. It's the alcohols' fault :< I'll probably edit it later on