08 February 2010

Special K for Breakfast

No, not the drug (kids you be sure stay away from that stuff), but Adam K, one of the best House producers out there. This dude kills everything he tries, which for the most part is Progressive stuff, but he's got some great Electro and Techno tracks. In all honesty, he's probably the most reliable producer out there for Prog tracks along with, say, Deadmau5 or Kaskade. Lots of his productions are with some dude named Soha, but I feel like he's the driving force behind it since he's also go solo work. This dude is a Golden Banana.


Underlying Feeling (Adam K & Soha Club Mix) - Sylvia Tosun
Brilliant. Just brilliant. One of my favorite Prog tracks, such a beautiful voice and chords.

The Mask (Original Mix) - Adam K, Gabe
Sick ass Techno track, it's got one of the coolest little breaks ever.

Nice Boys (Adam K & Soha Remix) - Aaron Studt
Great Electro House track, fans of older Wolfgang Gartner will like this one a lot. Don't be fooled by the Prog build.

The Good, The Bad & The Funky (Original Mix) - JELO & Adam K
Much dirtier Electro, all about this bass.

We Hold On (Adam K & Soha Remix) - Kaz James
Another great Prog track, with male vocals oddly enough, but it definitely works.

Adam K Collection
By Track // Zipped

Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix) - Refleckt feat. Delline Bass (Platinum Banana)
I just had to. This is seriously the best Progressive track ever. Couldn't post this enough.


  1. Bastille!!! please get us on your blogroll!!!

    love this adam k post!

    -Dweez of Shifty

  2. So Bastille, what track came first:

    "Sodas & Suds - We Do It Again (Disco Villains Remix)" or J"ELO & Adam K - The good, the bad and the funky"? :)

    Both use the same vocal sample (I like the DV remix better though) :P