11 February 2010

Paul ANthony & ZXX

Another huge post.  Paul Anthony & ZXX.  They make lots of dope shit, lots of different genres, but mostly Electro House.  Enthusiasm, blah, great for your DJ sets.


Optico (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix) - Santiago Moreno (Golden Banana)
One of the most awesome Electro House tracks of recent.  Definitely grab this one.

Love Will Find You (Original Mix) - Paul Anthony & ZXX
Big Room remix of a classic 80s track.  Everyone loves these, hell J and I tried to make one.

Day By Day (Vocal Mix) - Paul Anthony & ZXX
Really nice Prog track form them, and pretty recent.

Sex 101 (Original Mix) - Paul Anthony & ZXX
Let's say you go to a liberal arts college.  And then, let's say that this school you go to has something, whatever it's called, that basically is a Sex Party, where everyone goes in very little clothing and is pretty much guaranteed to get some that night.  This song would be perfect.

Paul Anthony & ZXX Collection


  1. Hey guys, I didn't know where to post this, so I just put it here :P, but I have a request for a track:

    Pitbull - Shut it down (Instrumental)

    I can't stand that guy, but that instrumental sure rocked :P. So if you've got a request batch coming online soon, I hope this is in it!

    Thanx in advance ;)

  2. hey remco I've been looking to no avail, where did you hear this instrumental?

  3. I have not heard it yet, I saw it was available for purchase on DJCity though. I heard the original mix on the radio a few days ago but I can't stand his spanish/cuban/whatever jabbering over it. So I hoped you had an instrumental of it.. But ok, As far as I know it's a pretty new song, so an instrumental will come out sooner or later, right?