23 February 2010

Miles Dyson

Due to a request from Guy, here comes a post that all the Electro House heads should love.  Miles Dyson is a king of Electro House, and I'm sure you've heard of him before if you're reading this.  Banger city.


Outro - Miles Dyson (Golden Banana)
Brilliant sampling.

You Too (Miles Dyson Remix) - Aspin, Dipace, Luvstuff
I recognize that piano, and the bass in this kills.

Live In Mexico (Original Mix) - Miles Dyson
The Carmina Burana, remixed.

Melodik Hypnotik (Miles Dyson Remix) - Elite Force
Another awesome, hardcore track.

I could keep going, but I'll just skip to the collection now:

Miles Dyson Collection

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