25 February 2010


I'm definitely late on this post, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.  Phonat rules, and although he had his moment of fame in the blogosphere, he definitely shouldn't be forgotten just as quickly like so many other guys.  His album is a cluterfuck of genres, including Electro, House, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, and even an incredible Tech House track.  If you missed out on his emergence, you should definitely check him out, and even if you did catch it, I've got his whole album for you.


Set Me Free (Extended Mix) - Phonat
A great House track, this is the one that was blogged like no other.  Fantastic sample, and some Prog elements too.

Learn To Recycle - Phonat (Golden Banana)
This is the track that really shows off his prowess.  He starts at a really slow bpm, speeds it up to a House track, and then ends on DnB.  Don't think I'd ever be able to work this into a set, but it still wows me every time I listen to it.

Phonat - Phonat (REMOVED)
This is the whole album.  Highly recommended.  You can buy it HERE.


Set Me Free (Aviici Remix) - Phonat
Fantastic Prog remix by the best producer of '09.

Set Me Free (Louis La Roche Reconstruction) - Phonat
The French touch by an Englishman.

Adrenalize (Phonat Deconstruction Remix) - Sharooz
Crazy Electro House.

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