17 January 2010

Electro Batch #4

Erectlo Levorushun!


gIALLO - LBCK (Golden Banana)
A complete and utter ripoff of early SebastiAn. Still, makes you wanna hear it, no? Shit's great.

Narcotics (Valerna Remix) - Knightstalker
There will be a post on these dudes at some point, I had no idea who they were a month or two ago, but every track has been awesome. Crazy ass Electro, great for live.

Ball (Original Mix) - Frederik Olufsen
This is more bigger Electro House, but awesome.

Qui Est Cette Fille (Foul House Remix) - Yelle
One of the better Yelle remixes I've got, really like this one, it's got a buildup reminiscent of Tellier.

Yumegiwa Last Boy - Noelle (Japanese Banana)
That really special brand of Electro /Jpop crossover. God I love it.

Catch The Looks (Dilemn Remix) - Dyebox
Good Electro track, really great synths.

Love Gemma - Catcomplex
More like Space Disco Electro, for those folks that like calmer, more melodic tracks.

Tears Don't Cry - Ricochet Toys (Weird Banana)
Something about this track really appeals to me, but it's one weird ass track.

Yurij - Ishivu (Rotten Banana)
This tracks ok I guess coming back to it. Melodic style. I probably would now not post it but its already in the zip.

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