15 January 2010

Dubstep Batch #3

So while we're all waiting for J to post his part two with the Benassi remixes, which is I'm sure he'll do at some point, might take another few weeks or something. I'm pretty sure that Jumpman's actually been doing a better job, which is HUGE. Anyways, I've got some grimy Dubstep for you, definitely more boss than Benassi.

Also, big shout out to Oneupmanship for providing a few of these tracks. Unfortunately, looks like he's decided to end the blog, which I'm really sad about, since he's my sole source for DnB. If you're reading this, PLEASE send me DnB.


Last Night In Brooklyn (NumberNin6 Remix) - Innerpartysystem (Golden Banana)
Epic as hell, and huge ass drop. Definitely do not miss this one.

Adachigaharas Theme - Shockone
This track is amazing, you shouldn't miss this one either.

Guided Relaxation Dub - Borgore
Hipsters love irony, right?

Murda Sound - Bar9
Big shout out to Dr. Ianibous Blount for introducing me to this dude. Grimy ass track.

Go (Bar9 Remix) - Kyza
And another.

HEY! (Spinstyles Remix) - Diplo & Laidback Luke
Just a reminder that Dubstep doesn't have to be all distorted and such.

Riverside (Let's Go!) (Breakage Remix) - Sidney Samson Feat. Wizard Sleeve
Another really dope track without distortion.

Resonate (Original Mix) - Vaski
Really great job with the drums on this track.

Who's The Hardest - Eddie K
Not the most unique Dubstep track, but hard hitting nonetheless.

Many Voices - Ganja White Night
Jack Beats? Is that you?

Dark Matter - N-Type
Much calmer track.

Panic Attack - Modified Noise
Yeah, it's Dubstep. I'm sick of taglining these.


  1. look up prisma - net sky for sum insane DnB

  2. beeen loving ure blog posts, thought it would be time to contribute. if ure liking that bar 9 check out other PHREAK label boys 16-bit is good, but on the bar 9 tip tune named shut ya mouth is fucking stormin. Also babylon systems = bare respect. Peace!

  3. got anny reverse droppy sounding dubbstepp with a bounce at the peak of the drop