12 January 2010

Benassi for the Come Back

This picture made my day

So I havn't posted for months and months. I really am a terrible person, but M's been holding down the fort much better then I could ever possibly do. So let's all give a round of applause for M. *clap* *clap* *clap* *audience Cheers*

Now that we got through that, I'm back in order to liven things up a little bit. Things have been getting a bit stale like corn flakes left out for too long.

In my time of absence I have what one might say, found myself. I am a new different man. More sophisticated and just plain cooler (this has been said by my many admirers). So if you weren't reading before, or have gone into a lapse of reading, now is a time to begin or restart. Things are about to get shaken up hardcore.

Because our blog is switching to being an EMO BAND BLOG
When I said I'm a new man, I meant that I came in touch with my emotional side. We live in dark times, and it only makes sense for my hair and soul to match such darkness. I am a creature of the night. Do not try and cheer me up, I am the wretched undertaker of the abyss. The world is such a worthless place; as if Zeus himself had come down and taken a huge dump on all the light in the world. That's where we live.

Just playin. Fuck Emo kids, electro anybody?
If you skipped that whole section above, just know, I've returned as a huge boss with a huge collection of Benassi for you all.

He looks likes a fuckin playa in this photo. I like that shirt.

Benny Benassi has been dominating the house scene for quite some time now. His release of Hypnotica was groundbreaking and he created a song that everybody knows, even non EDM music lovers: Satisfaction. That electro bass helped inspire music for years to come.

With his famous remix of public enemy's bring the noise, Benassi broke out of his mold of Hypnotica and found his new pumpkin sound which would come to define his second album Rock 'N' Rave.

I'm dividing this post into two sections: the two Albums Hypnotica/Rock 'N' Rave (today), and Remixes he's done over the years (tomorrow).

I don't have everything that he's done, but god damn I've got quite a bit.


in 320:

What else can be said about Hypnotica that hasn't been said already? Benassi created one of the most famous albums to grace the electronic scene with such songs as Satisfaction, Time, Able to Love, and my personal favorite Love is gonna save us.

If I'm honest however, and here is where I might be a little controversial to some, this album doesn't wow me like his future productions would. In fact I find it stale. Every song sounds the same in many ways except love is gonna save us, hence it's my favorite on the album. I feel as though while there might be slight differences between the other songs, they really are basically the same, with Satisfaction being the pinnacle of that sound which he uses (the only exception to this is his california dreamin remix).

Regardless I do not deny how amazing that sound he found is and applaud him in that sense.

Rock 'N' Rave

Amazing. I love this album so much. Funnily enough when it first came out, I wasn't a huge fan, but one day it just dawned on me. EVERY ELECTRO FAN SHOULD HAVE THIS ALBUM. I don't understand why it got mixed reviews. He basically took the pumpkin sound and improved it.

Some might call me a hypocrite as my problem with hypnotica was how static it is. Rocky 'N' Rave basically uses the same sound every song as well. However, he both hides it better and I think warps the sound just a little bit to give it a different feel. Good thinking Benassi, you've made one of my favorite electronic albums of all time.

Have fun with the Benassi, and get pumped for the remix post tomorrow!


  1. How weird i was updating my benny the other day...would love to see the best of Benassi & Benassi Bros in 320 - i have already brought hypnotica and rock and rave - but thanks anyway!

  2. I expected for most if not all readers to have these, but I put them up anyways more for symbolic reasons.