11 January 2010

Leger On or Off?

Here's his remix of one of the biggest tracks of the year. Really need to get a copy of this, I tried all day and failed miserably.

Knockout (Sebastien Leger Remix) - Cirez D
Here's another remix he did for Prydz, pretty fucking dope as well.

You Know Why (PH Electro Remix) - Rock Massive
Hey, this one's not cheesy as at all. In fact, it's like a Laidback Luke track with a really dirty Electro bass. Great job.

Also, if you've seen Avatar, read THIS.

ALSO, a few people have been sending me this link. Unfortunately, it's mislabeled and only links to the original track. If you don't have the original, by all means cop it.

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  1. Cirez D - ON/OFF (Sébastien Léger remix)