19 January 2010

Lady Gaga Needed to be more Minimal

Bad Display of Romance (Bastille Bootleg) by Lady Gaga Vs. Hardwell

Can't get enough of it? If you need to play some gaga at a party but don't want to let go of your values. This might help you out.


M's additions:

I actually just made a cover of Bad Romance for my friend's web series. He wanted a royalty free version, so I tried to copy the production as best I could. You should all watch this series it's amazing, and the cover I made is right in the beginning.


  1. stop pretending to listen to this shit, you wish you listened to this kind of shit.

  2. that's so funny...i was thinking the same thing yesterday and looked for something like this but they were all like 10x worse than regular lady gaga. this does it right...strips down some of the annoying production but keeps the retard/savant grandiosity of the original.

  3. wow, that synth is INCREDIBLY close to the original, nice work dude!

  4. You were right this is a sick track!!

    For some more good tracks & new music i suggest


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