28 December 2009

House Batch #5

Ok, so now I'm actually back. Christmas and a pretty nasty stomach flu got in the way for a bit there, but my head can actually take pounding four to the floor beats again without vomiting (unless of course it's one of those "OH MY GOD THAT DROP" vomits). Let's celebrate with a House batch:


Love Can't Get U Wrong feat. Angie (Dim Chris Terrassa Mix) - Dim Chris
(Golden Banana)
*Vomit* I'm bat shit obsessed with this track. One of the best progressive tracks ever made.

These Shoulders (Paul Wicked Remix) - Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson
I've definitely posted this sucker before, really hard hitting progressive track, though it's only prog in the buildups and in that sot of sinister way.

Chase The Mouse (Original Mix) - Joris Voorn
Really cool House track from Joris Voorn. LOOK OUT FOR HIM, HE WILL BE HUGE.

What U Think (Original Mix) - Dirtyloud
Great Electro House track, sounds a lot like Felguk which makes sense since Dirtyloud is also from Brazil. +10 Bastille Love and Admiration Points to whomever names another song in which this vocal sample is used.

Wavestate - DJ Agent 86
For the Disco House fans, this one's absolutely incredible. A lil bit of Electro in there for you as well.

Listen To The Voice Inside (Laurent Wolf Remix) - Yves Larock & Steve Edwards
Big big big room Electrogressive (it will catch on dammit!) track.

7 Days And One Week (Armin Prayd Remix) - B.B.E.
More standard style prog track, massive and beautiful. Could do extremely well at a rave.

Energy (Voltron Edit) - Devone
Mmm, classic House. Nobody could really get away with playing this though anymore.

Talking Back (Original Mix) - Werner Niedermeier
I guess you could call this Deep House, but it's on the weird rather than smooth side.

Why We Run (Original Mix) - Ben Preston Feat. Susie

Wip Electric (Hot City Remix) - The Funktuary
Strange House track, grabbed me for some reason.