23 December 2009

King Midas Sound

King Midas Sound is the UK Collaboration between Dancehall/Dub DJ/Producer Kevin Martin (Aka The Bug) and Trinidadian Poet/English Lit. Prof. Roger Robinson. Together they craft the most dubbed out of dubstep songs on the scene, leaning more to the likes the Kode9 crew, having most of there releases through his label Hyperdub. Eerie echos swell as Robinson's ghostly voice flows out of the hazy beats. It so happens that they recently released their debut album, also on Hyperdub, Waiting for You, More on the listening side of dubstep and is stylistically similar to Kode9 & Space Ape's album Memories of The Future. I like seeing that dubstep still has albums coming out like this, shows the roots, and range of the genre when compared to the awesome electro banger styles of Rusko, mmmm dubstep. Got the album for you, along with some amazing remixes by Dabrye and Flying Lotus, Enjoy.