18 November 2009

Owl Vision

I don't really know much about Owl Vision, but I posted a track of his in an Electro Batch about two months ago (HERE), and I guess he saw that because he emailed us about his upcoming album. In the email, he included a little teaser, which I figured I'd post up here, along with some tracks. He makes a really intense breed of Electro, which is some aspects reminds me of Shadow Dancer but just way more intense/distorted.


Leprozy Teaser - Owl Vision

Darkness (Owl Vision Remix) - Owl Vision
It's like strobe lights are going off in my mind.

Darkness - Owl Vision
I like the remix more, but this is still pretty dope.

Always More (Shadow Dancer Remix) - autoKratz
For the sake of comparison. This is definitely housier.

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