17 November 2009

Ken he do it?

Oh my god, this pictures makes my life complete. Incredible. Alex Kenji or Alessandro Bacci is a British dj that has been spinning and producing for over ten years under numerous pseudonyms (Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Kaiko, Itchy Bit and many others), but as far as I know he's definitely become biggest under Alex Kenji. This guy's got that tech feel, gotta love it. Up and coming producer, looking forward to what this guy does.


Tropical Chicks (Original Mix) by Alex Kenji, really amazing. Golden Banana Winner

Volviendo Loco (Original Mix) by Alex Kenji, Silver Banana. you know it's good if it's won that.

Trail of Nomads (Alex Kenji Remix) by Desert Dwellers, so fucking tight.

Assou Mama (Alex Kenji Remix) by Stylus Robb

Let the Sun Shine (Alex Kenji Remix) by Milk & Sugar, you guys gotta know the original song.

Adelante (Original Mix) by Alex Kenji

M was right in that his songs are very similar in nature. But I enjoy his style so I definitely approve and give a thumbs up.

Collection of 16 songs Zipped.

By Track

M's Addtions (6 tracks), but I'll put my favorite two up top

Acid (Alex Kenji Remix) - Muttonheads
Electro House, gotta love it

Black Diamond Sky (Alex Kenji Vocal Mix) - Andy Caldwell Feat. Storm Lee
Really awesome Progressive track, great choice of sounds.

Extra Alex Kenji
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