16 November 2009


This got dropped in our inbox today, and it's fucking awesome. You may already be familiar with Mason, and if you are then you're probably already excited to be reading this. Some new tracks, enjoy:


Who Killed Trance (AnimaL Language) - Mason (Golden Banana)
Massive track here. Best described as Prog meets Electro meets Nu Disco. Really pretty track with a kick that would destroy a rave.

Ignite - Mason
Super dark, minimal Techno, couldn't be more different than the first track. The last drop would EXPLODE at a rave.

Who Killed Trance Refurb - Mason
Really cool 8-bit interpretation of the first track. Really took me by surprise how awesome it is.

Perfect (Exceeder) [Club Mix] - Mason vs. Princess Superstar
The reason these dudes are as big as they are. One of the tracks that defines Electro House to me.

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