16 November 2009

Let's Get Bleeped Tonight

Hell yes. My favorite track off of the latest Dada Life album has been released with a bunch of great remixes. In case you missed it, check out our interview with these dudes HERE. It seems like they're starting to do much better for themselves, as they're on tour with none other than Tiesto right now, but Laidback Luke was totally right in naming them as most underrated DJs of 2009. These dude's have been tearing shit up for a while, they should be HUGE. All tracks 320.


Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (12 Edit) - Dada Life
The extended of the original. Fantastic Electro bass in this.

Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Moguai Remix) - Dada Life
Definitely more Progressive in this one, just a more beefed up version of the original.

Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Albin Myers Remix) - Dada Life
This one's all Progressive. For Ravers, not hipsters.

Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Phatzoo Remix) - Dada Life
Dutch House, tribal drums, you should know what to expect by now.

Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Tiesto Remix) - Dada Life
The dude's been moving more towards Electro in recent tracks. This one's got a hoover too. Still that signature trancey sound though.

Under the Water (Dada Life Remix) - Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike (Golden Banana)
HOLY SHIT! What a fucking banger. Honestly, this is probably the best track in this post.

Also, check out this hilarious David Guetta fuck up. Twice.
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  1. 1UP 2yuh ma duuu. Under The Water is PHAT.

  2. you guys are amazing. the tunes keep on coming.

    that Brother Brown...erm...i mean...Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike remix is good stuff. 12 edit is good too. DAMMMNNN.

  3. don't understand progressive though. to me progressive = have to be drunk to dance to it.

  4. I don't think alcohol is per se the substance of choice for fans of Progressive.

  5. that david guetta video is hysterical

    what a gay