13 November 2009

McCartney II

Got a real treat for you today, and this one comes with a story, and it's clearly dedicated to one of our newer readers that calls himself The Worst Beatle. So, last night Yeasayer came to play here, and it was incredible. They really put on an amazing live show, and I encourage everyone to see them live. Anyways, after the show, we're hanging out with some of the members in my friends room and one of them has got his iPod hooked up to the speakers and is play a bunch of random, weird music that was really cool. Anyways, a track comes on that spurs me to ask, "is this Kraftwerk?" to which he replies, "Paul McCartney." Despite the entire room staring at him in disbelief, he puts on a few tracks from a solo record this Beatle made in 1980. The only way to really describe this record is to picture an 80's McCartney getting incredbily stoned in a studio and experimenting with it, including the use of synthesizers. I know that everyone's at least curious enough to check this out. Oh yeah, and it's in 320.


Check My Machine - Paul McCartney
It's almost like a mix between Blues and Hip-hop, with a banjo copious amounts of delay.

Temporary Secretary - Paul McCartney
This was the one that made me think Kraftwerk, at least until the vocals came in.

McCartney II - Paul McCartney
This is the whole album.


  1. a dedication? i'm blushing...

    never heard this one before, but I kind of like it. pass the bowl.

  2. I've been jamming Coming Up lately and decided to listen to "Check My Machine" after reading the wikipedia (as Paul was actually just checking to make sure his machine worked). Track is brilliant, thanks for the up.