12 November 2009

Alex Metric System?

I love Alex Metric almost as much as I love puns, whether they're brilliant or just plain awful. He's a Brit that makes awesome Electro and I believe has some affiliation with Radio 1. His remixes are seriously top notch, and if you're up on your Electro there's a pretty good chance you've already got at least one. And on that note, here are some more:


Deadly On A Mission (Alex Metric Mix) - Alex Metric (Golden Banana)
This self remix is absolutely incredible. The hook is so catchy, you'll find yourself singing along to this one for a long time to come.

Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) - Phoenix (Silver Banana?)
Slower than I'd like for a set, but my god this remix is amazing. Probably my favorite remix of any Phoenix track, and I know there are a bunch.

All The Cash (Alex Metric Remix) - Evil Nine
This just reminds me of the time when all I listened to was Electro and there was nothing else, none of that 'gay euro house shit.' Boy how times have changed, but I still appreciate the nostalgia.

One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix) - Bloc Party
Just another great remix to add to the list.

Alex Metric Collection
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  1. his remix of french-soler's track 'lies' is pretty dope too

  2. Shirley you Can't be serious is absolutely one of the biggest tunes he ever made!

  3. yeh that phoenix one is great, not sure which phoenix remix wins, DSL or Alex Metric