11 November 2009


Los Angeles based Psychedelic Beat-Maker MONO/POLY is probably one of the best up and coming LA beatmakers right now, however just a little while ago he was struggling to get started as a musician while trying to get through college, but finally with help from the Brainfeeder crew is entering the limelight to get a chance to release some of the fantastic music which he has been making, My interest in MONO/POLY started after hearing a mix of his a while back, which although still some what amateurish at the time (he hasn't been DJing that long, but if you listen to his Mary Anne Hobbs mix below you'll see hes signifigantly improved), still managed to win me over because of the production and how he somehow dropped a Vitalic song in the mix along the way, his style of psych hip-hop stuff is really electro tinged funkyness with hard hitting, fantastic sounds the likes of which Oizo and early HudMo would love. He has a ton of unreleased material, all of which that i've heard is awesome especially his remix of T-Pain and Lil' Wayne's 'Can't Believe It', which i hope will at point see the light of day, in fact i hope we see alot in the next year from MONO/POLY. Here Is His First EP The George Machine, out on Faces Records, along with the fantastic Mary Anne Hobbs Mix he did this last spring. 'Beatles Bitch' takes the cake as far as the best track goes. Enjoy!