13 September 2009

RIP Elelectro Premium Choice

EDIT: They created a new blog! Check it out HERE.

So, as I do about once every two weeks, tonight I decided I'd check one of my all time favorite blogs, Electro Premium Choice, only to find that it no longer exists. This is a fucking travesty to Blogger and Pirates everywhere. Although, for the brief few days that we here at AwB thought that we'd been shut down for good, all I could wonder was how we got shut down and good ol' EPC managed to stay alive. Looks like they've finally been caught, but they had a fantastic fucking run. They STRICTLY posted releases, and were a fantastic source for albums and EPs. Damn...


  1. never forget, I hope they make something new soon, like get their own domain or something. I hope it isn't getting sued or anything

  2. What is left is to go to rapid library and search for EPC an just get whatever is still there =P

    RIP electro premium