14 September 2009

Minimal Batch #1

This does not limit itself to one genre, really, it's just songs that I'd be more inclined to play in a more Minimal/Rave set. Enjoy:

The Queen of The Night (Edu K Remix) - Superpose

Probably surprised to see Edu K on this list, but just listen and you'll understand. The first drop is absolutely killer.

Scaler - Kris Menace
Once again, probably surprised to see Kris Menace here as well, but the first drop is one of the most insane drops I've ever heard. Ever.

Stickin' - SonicC
Already posted this lovely track, young kid from Florida making Dutch House.

Dirty Freakz (Original Mix) - Kid Kaio & Rowel Sinester
Sounds a lot like Afrojack, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Woko Woko (Original Mix) - Joeysuki & Apster
Progressive Bomb on the Tech side.

Make It Funky (Original Mix) - Alvaro
More Dutch House sounds. Gotta love it.

Yes (Matteo Dimarr Remix) - Jay Lumen & Cosmophunk
Mmm, Techno.

Busted (Pete-R Remix) - Muzzaik
J's posted this before, it's really good.

Johnny The Fox (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix) - Dakota
Really massive track, lots of sidechaining. Probably the least minimal of the list, but I still think it fits.

Boom Da (Downtown Remix) - Mixhell

Really interesting track. I don't think I'd ever play this live, but I do enjoy it. Not nearly as good as the Edu K Remix anyways, which you can grab HERE.

Boost Your Mood (DJ Wool Remix) - iPunk
This feels like the type of song that would be playing during a Rave scene in a movie, or in some action sequence. Feels sort of 90's to me.


  1. These last 4 posts were awsome! what comes next? Afro percussion, and baile funk?
    By the way the downtown remix of boom da is a very dirty track und I usually play this track and people like it very much because of the vocals, give him a chance ;)
    i reccomend kid kayo, check out *this sound is*
    and my favorite minimalhouse producer at the moment is funkin' matt check it out:



  2. the edu k remix of boom da is one of my favorite songs, but it SUCKS for mixing because it doesn't grid right! grrr!!