17 September 2009

Fidget House Batch

Time for some Fidget House. It may be a dying breed, but I still love it.


Family Reunion (Dem Slackers Shit Loads Below Zero Mix) - Kid Sister
Sounds a lot like Hervé, and that's definitely a good thing.

I Got U Dancing (Tommy Trash Remix) - Lady Sovereign
This would kill live, such a cool bass.

Take Me To The Hospital (Adam F & Horx Remix) - The Prodigy

So awesome, they make The Prodigy way more ghetto sounding, if that makes sense.

Fokkin Lekker (Kyle Watsons Motherland Remix) - Defunct!
Wobble wobble wobble wobble wobble


  1. I will always love fidget. Even if it dies.


  2. dude, anything which people complain about dying is actually alive an well... rock, sadly, because nobody complains about it, is dead.

  3. I don't think rock is dead by any means, there is still a very big rock scene (like the most expensive concerts are rock concerts). Anyways there will also be a time when electronic music isn't as big as it is right now, but I feel like rock will still be there.