16 September 2009

Other Batch

This is my random batch. These are songs that I would probably never DJ in a set, but I just happened to enjoy. I hope you like them too:


Five Step (Overdub Bootleg) - Radiohead VS Dave Brubeck
This is a FANTASTIC mashup. It's amazing how well these songs work together. Well done.

End It Tonight (Seekae Remix) - Teenagersintokyo

I love this song. It's so beautiful and relaxing and amazing.

Under The Sun - Kidda
There's a fantastic remix of this by Hervé, but the original is pretty damn good too.

I'm Not Human At All - Sleep Party People

Kinda like M83, but more rockish I guess. I don't know, just listen, you might find that you just like it.

Alive (Feat. Ratatat) - Kid Cudi

I mean, it's fucking Ratatat.

Witness Dub - Roots Manuva
Cool Experimental/Psychedelic Hip-hop track. Some Dub sounding basses.

Holiday (prod. by Calvin Harris) - Dizzee Rascal

Fun track, not much else to say.

Sunderland - MVSC
Good Electro/Dance Punk sort of thing going on here.

Die Slow - HEALTH

Crazy shit.

Sock You in the Face with Love - The XYZ Affair
J will love this song I think. I don't really like the voice, but there's something about the song that really draws me into it.

South Of The Border - Andy Cato

This is just a really nice, electronic song. Interesting.

I might have been drunk for this one too...

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