27 July 2009

Viens Ici?

I don't like that picture.

Avicii is a producer from Sweden who has, at least in my book (pretty sure in M's Book too), come as a close second to our current favorite Afrojack. Avicii is a producer who is relatively hard to define in genre. But if I'm honest he's definitely more of a progressive guy, but he does have his tech house side to him.

Sorry it's been a while since I posted, I explained it was the whole Mammoth thing, and though I'm still in Mammoth, I managed to get shit uploaded.

I have so many songs by Avicii that I'm splitting this into Two days and two posts. My Collection will be posted tomorrow, for today I'll post a good 7-8 favorites.

I hope you enjoy this amazing producer as much as I have been.

Hey and SURPRISE, they're all 320. EDIT, M'S A DICK AND THERE'S ONE SONG THAT'S 192 (but that will be in my collection).



Sometimes I Feel (Avicii Remix) by Dim Chris & Sebastien Drums feat. Polina
My Favorite Song by Avicii, all you have to do is listen to it, and you'll understand why.

D10 (Avicii vs Philgood's Vicious Remix) by Dirty South,
Not my favorite Remix of Dirty South that Avicii has done (I will post that one tomorrow), but it's damn good, plus I do love the original quite a bit.

Music Around The World feat. Teacha (Avicii Remix) by Austin Leeds, Nick Terranova
Classic, more techy but you definitely feel the prog.

One Step Forward (Original Mix) by Avicii,
What the fuck? Where did this come from? Yet catchy in some ways. But still sounds very elementary compared to everything else. ELECTRO

So Excited (Original Mix) by Avicii
So cheesy. Typical Prog Chords. This is actually as far as I can tell a different version of his song Excited, but this one is definitely better. Say you want to see me again.

I think I should post this here because well, I like this better then both excited and So excited. In fact it's just an incredible song:

Excited (Sebastien Bennet Remix) by Avicii, Look forward to this. Such a good line.

Malo (Original Mix) by Avicii
Malo Malo Malo Malo Malo Malo, such a good loop.

Muja (Original Mix) by Avicii, Sounds like TV Rock, so that's always a plus with me.

Don't worry though, I saved most of my favorites for tomorrow. This is just a taste, plus tomorrow you get the collection.

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