29 July 2009

Avicii Part 2

Welcome to part two of Avicii, there's not much to say that I didn't say in the first post below. I made sure to pick a lot of great ones for this post, I kept many of my favorites for this one, so don't think I just posted my favorites in the first post. I intended to get this up yesterday, but then a song idea came in my head and cut the post short, but it's here now.

So at the bottom of this post I'm posting three Zip files: My whole collection, the first post compiled and this second post compiled.


I said in the last post there was a better remix of Dirty South by this guy so here it is, it's been all over the house blogs over the past few weeks:



We Are Feat. Rudy (Avicii Remix) by Dirty South, I really enjoy the original but Avicii beat it. Taking the best from the original and adding his own great line. So what you get is the best of dirty south + Avicii (who's amost always great)= Amazing song.

Strutnut (Original Mix) by Avicii, I think Ryu got more press then this but I do like this song better from the EP. However I will say that:

Ryu (Original Mix) by Avicii, is a Great Song. Very progressive. In the words of M, "Keep it clean and safe."

Electric Masturbation (Original Mix) by Avicii, as Jumpman hasn't posted in a long time, I'm assuming this song is referring to him. Sorry dude it just had to happen.

Almost (Original Mix) by Avicii, Great.

Sphere (Original Mix) by Avicii

Time to get Ill by Avicii, electro electro electro, I like how Avicii puts out some electro stuff, shows diversity.

Play that Next Episode (Original Mix) Avicii, it's 12 minutes long, crazy.

Full Avicii Collection Zipped.

First Post Zipped.

Second Post Zippped

If you wanna go digging through to take what you'd like:
Here you go my Collection, I like to pretend and trick myself sometimes that I wouldn't go through such a thing if I saw it on a blog, but I'll admit I'm a huge loser who would take that time to do it.

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