27 July 2009


Nobody is allowed to put the word "Disco" in their DJ name anymore. We certainly have enough of that, so let's try and get a little more creative, shall we? But we can't just boycott the guys that do, because I love a lot of em, including the duo from Aussieland by the name of Trumpdisco. I was first introduced to them by their rather underwhelming edit of Proxy's Raven, but since then they've just impressed the fuck out of me. Enjoy these bangers, definitely prefer his originals to the remixes:


Trumpdisco 1971 - Trumpdisco

Wow. Electro is still alive and well. Thanks for the reminder. God I love this track so much. It's a funky banger? It's just so goddam COOL.

LOTR - Trumpdisco
Everyone should start their sets with this song. EPIC.

Hello (Trumpdisco Remix) - AC Slater

Dubstep at 130 BPM. Seriously.

Knackern (Trumpdisco Remix) - Lucky Dip

Similar sound as above tracks, but doesn't stand out to me as much. Still a banger by all means.

We Want Your Soul (Trumpdisco Remix) - Adam Freeland

Different sound from them this time. It's nice.

Who Are You (Trumpdisco Edit) - Proxy
Super distortion. I'm not too big on that whole direction that some Electro guys are going in now, first and foremost Proxy. The Bloody Beetroots are doing it too. It almost feels like Electro is just trying to appeal to metal fans now, and that's not the Electro I fell in love with in 2006.

Raven (Trumpdisco Edit) - Proxy
It's alright, but it's too hard to top the goddam original. The Crookers remix is quite good, too. But it's been played to death already. Then again, I tend to play to college students who haven't heard any of these, making that whole problem disappear :)

The guys also run a BLOG, figured I'd mention that. More suited for the Electro fans that like the more hardcore sounding stuff.

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  1. cool post, trump are dope they were in sydney last weekend