26 July 2009

Y@ Returns

Ok, I love my M-Audio Axiom too, but that's a little excessive. I guess they do things a little differently in Canada, and we shouldn't judge. If you don't recognize that face, it belongs to Wyatt Compagna, otherwise known as Y@, who's been featured a few times on this blog. Each track just gets better and better, this newest one being no exception. You can really tell how much time he spent on every single drum sound he used and the patterns he made. This track is an electro club banger. And no, bangers are not dead, fidget is not dead, fuck the blogs that are now only posting that funky UK shit, whatever that is, because it's so IN right now. I hate trends.


Stop Drop & Roll (Original Mix) - Y@

Best of luck to him, apparently he's getting courted by some record dude affiliated with fellow Canadian Lazy Rich, one of the better Electro House producers right now. Check out our posts on him HERE.

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