03 July 2009

batch #4

This is going to be my last of two batchs before going back to doing posts about specific artists because I just don't ever feel as satisfied from doing batch posts and it doesn't push for me to look for new music as much. M should be doing the EDC day 2 post relatively soon.


Panic Attack (Original Mix) by Matteo Dimarr and Sydney Blu, Of course this song is amazing, what do you expect. Just TAKE IT NOW. It's even in 320 *****

Blurr by Bingo Players, the fact that it's them should be enough for you to take this. But never the less it's a pretty amazing song. ***

Just Be Yourseld by DJ DLG, It's DLG, just be yourself. ***

Stand By Me (Dirty South Remix 2008) by Mr. Timothy Feat. Inaya Day I mean I just Love this guy so much, so much of his shit just turns into gold, Don't miss this one. ****

Radiostar (Electro Club Mix) by Clubzound Definitely a cool song by someone who I've never even heard of. ****

Can't Sleep (Marcus Shossow Pres. 1985 Club Mix) by Adrian Lux, Fucking Insanely Good. Applause for really how great this song is! *****

Let Me Think About It (MBK Extended) by Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand Not a new song by any means, but I still thought I'd post it.****

Little World by D.E.R. this is really the type of house that i've come to Love. ***