01 July 2009

We've Been Gone For So Long/ EDC Day 1 Review

Well, I'm really sorry folks that we've been gone for a little bit, but we've been doing some other shit, and then Electronic Daisy Carnival came up and we've been kinda relaxing ever since. Also M's computer is currently being redone as we've added a new external harddrive to it, and he really wasn't downloading anything since he had no space on it. So we're gonna start to go back to our original pace very soon.

Here's my review of Electronic Carnival Day 1:


Unfortunately we didn't hear most of Foamo and Computer Club cause we got there too late, except from the line. But it sounded good oh well:

1. The Winner of the night, and it shouldn't be much of a surprise was FAKE BLOOD. I had a feeling this guy would be an amazing dj because of how his productions are. He was just doing the craziest shit I've seen in a long time. Anybody who has listened to that remix of Restless should already realize how amazing that thing blows up on Giant Speakers. He didn't lose energy for a second. We went there hailing Fake Blood as a god of electro music, and nothing has changed.

Poor Sound Quality, but you can definitely hear at the begining how he's having it say fake blood, before dropping Proxy's Raven

Want Some Tracks ;)

2. In a close second, of course, is Boys Noize. What do you expect? I've never seen Boys Noize do a bad show. The reason why Boys Noize is second to Fake Blood is because of certain times when he kinda just lost the energy from the crowd. But aside from once or twice with Michael Jackson samples, it wasn't really his fault in my opinion. I think Boys Noize was playing a very electro crowd, wanting to hear banging electro tracks, and Boys Noize kept throwing us these crazy minimal songs. I mean, I was in love with it, especially with my newest found love for tech house and minimal. Again he seems to have played a lot of original stuff, and it's all sounding awesome. Thank God, he's staying stable with the fall of some others. Go get those two new tracks if you hadn't already

But then again, come with me, do you remember?

I think Shinichi Would have probably made 3rd, but I didn't see much of him cause I got lost, cause you know that happens in certain situations.

3. Pretty Lights, we were sitting down during this show but god damn, the shit that was happening was just crazy. There really isn't much to say except for the fact that I was just completely blown away. Just completely blew me away. Go get his album for free here.

4. Fedde Le Grand, The man is a genius already. Aside from a few fuck ups, really pulled a solid set with a bunch of shit I really liked. He even pulled off his remix of Clocks really well. In general I applaud him, great job.

Wanna get some Fedde?

One of the worst Djs I have ever seen:

Nick CatchDubs: All I have to say is, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Horrible transitions, I mean I heard one good one out of like 10 bad ones, Bad Cuts, Bad Mixes, poppy songs, It was just bad. I don't recommend skipping anybody to see this man.

M's Additions

Eddie Halliwell kicked a ton of ass, but unfortunately we were sitting down for it (we needed to save up energy for a long fucking night / the next day). He played a good mix of all the sub genres of house, even dropping some Pryda! Big ups, highly recommended. Don't have any tracks, but here's a video:

Shiny Toy Guns are not at all the type of band I want to see at a rave. They played really poppy music, but in my opinion did not pull it off nearly as well as, lets say, Cut Copy. I just really didn't enjoy the show at all, but plenty people in the crowd enjoyed the hell out of it, even singing along and shit. I was just bored, didn't like the music at all, and just waiting for Boys Noize to come on stage. The lead singer WAS hot, however, but not redeeming enough. My guess is that if you enjoy the tracks we post here, that you'll probably want to skip these guys.


    So damn good, I can't believe he's just some middle aged white dude with a button up t-shirt and jeans.
    That said:
    on the FB vs. Boys Noize debate:
    There are a couple factors I thought about when reminiscing about EDC. Fake Blood's show was much earlier in the night so I had a LOT more energy for it, when Boys Noize came on I would have freaked out more but I was just so wiped. Another note is that Fake Blood's set was a LOT like his Essential Mix making his performance not LESS unique then Boys Noize but a little more predictable. Boys Noize was all over the fucking place. In my opinion, it was seriously a tie between the two.

    Either way, for my first rave...

  2. I MISSED FAKE BLOOD. And I'm really pissed because of it!

    That being said, Shinichi Osawa is a beast! He played some really good tracks (nothing off of The One though, which was a bummer) but he wasn't really into his music.
    Foamo, on the other hand, played some really generic tracks, but was really effing cool. Most of his muzak was off of Hervé's GhettoBass and MOS Clubbers Guide Summer 09, but he was getting the crowd so pumped!

    Boys Noize was, of course, epic. The way that he introduced Thriller was funny.
    Can't believe you guys didn't mention Thievery Corp.! They were pretty damn good. The amount of weed present was hilarious.

    Didn't see Computer Club, but am planning to do so at Nocturnal Festival. Anybody going?

  3. I WISH, but we'll all be out of state for school. Last year's lineup was so good...
    Richie Hawtin and Dubfire, oh man.