04 July 2009

Batch #5 Final Batch

Here we go the final batch. I hope you're as un-excited as I am. This is hard for me cause there's quite a few things I really want to share. So expect this to really be A LOT of songs, of course I'll star them appropriately. It's a big ass post. I just want to put out everything I wanted to before I start going back to doing artist focuses.

Happy 4th of July, don't party too hard, though I know I probably will.

For sure what should be put at the top of this list is:

Autumn (Original Mix) by John Dahlback **************, I've fallen in love with this song and it hasn't left my mind since I got it maybe a week and half to two weeks ago. It's got some of the great aspects of pyramid combined with these crazy electro breaks, and the actual flow of the song is amazing as it changes so well from section to section. He's the master, there's no doubt.

If you like TV Rock, then this is the section for you. Otherwise known as my favorite section:

In Your Soul (Original Mix) by Muzzaik ** Muzzaik's a newcomer to this blog, but I don't think this will be the last time we see production by Muzzaik. For me this sound's like a mix of TV Rock and D.O.N.S., still fucking crazy song really well produced. Don't be the last to jump on the train.

Wildpitch (Original Mix) by Muzzaik *** Sounds like a mix of TV Rock and Audible to me now, maybe leaning on the TV Rock side. What an amazing combination... I just can't get enough.

Busted (Original Mix) by Muzzaik ***, Different then the other two above, but still awesome. Would you call this more tech housey/minimal? Doesn't matter cause that genre is taking over. But this should be in a different section

Let's throwin the great remix as well: Busted (Pete-R Remix) by Muzzaik ***

Pressure (Original Mix) by Luke Chable ****, Chable's a man who I've known has been around for quite a while and has actually worked with TV Rock. Needless to say just amazing stuff. He has such a full sound, it's so full that it really does require a full post on him

Lime (Original Mix) by Luke Chable ***, Another Bomb, very happy in some ways, I really enjoy this.

And of course we end this section with

Don't Wancha (TV Rock Edit) by Zoe Badwi ***, This is one of those TV Rock songs where you can really see the influence that Dirty South has had on the boys. Still definitely a great song, not my favorite, but worth putting in that collection of TV Rock Songs.
Next Section definitely has less of a theme but here we go:

In the Air (Axwell Remix) by TV Rock Ft. Rudy****, Is this old? Actually I'm pretty sure it's relatively new. Cause I can't believe I had never found it before. Axwell doing what he does best, destroying everything in his path.

Heads Off (Original Mix) by Spencer & Hill ***, This is an amazing song, don't get me wrong, but there's something about it. It just sounds too chaotic for me, even though it's in 320. I don't deny this would explode live though. Not to mention that buildup is fantastic.

Reach For the Stars (Thomas Gold Remix) by Antoine Clamaran **, It's good I guess, I feel like M would like this better then me for some reason. I don't know why it's rated so low in my book, part of me really enjoys this and part of me just changes to the next song.

Evacuate the Dancefloor (PH Electro Remix) by Cascada ****, I would give this 3 and a half if I'm honest. Really surprised me when I listened to this. Definitely worth giving a listen to, even though the vocals suck of course. Really Poppy. Really gross. But does a good job of having me forget that. I can't remember what this reminds me of.

Relax (Michael Mind Remix) by 2-4 Grooves feat. Rekki. D *** Yes Yes Yes I will give you all my loving. Haha.

Next Section:

The Rendition (Sebastien Leger's Good Clock Remix) by Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd ******, If there was a war, Leger would be leading the troops with this song. Enough said.

Space (Original Mix) by Afrojack ****, the man does what he does, and there's no arguing against him.

Foreign Affair (Hardwell Remix) by Sylver ***, The vocals annoy me, but the actual melody is great. I enjoyed this song but wouldn't play it live.

Heads Off ( Bastian Van Shield Remix) by Spencer & Hill ****, yes it's a remix of the above posted song. And yet definitely better then the original (though it is different). Now I gotta start watching out for this guy, because of how cool this remix is.

Deep Fear (D.O.N.S. Remix) by Sidekick **, I mean it's amazing, but I feel like I've heard this before from D.O.N.S., I'm just not completely wowed, but I do thoroughly enjoy this.


Next Section:

House Music (Sharooz remix) by Paul Anthony & Harrison Crump ***** AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING AMAZING. Destroys everything in it's path. It has those breaks similar to autumn up top, but this is definitely a much more electro song. Keep it up.

Asa Dachi (Miles Dyson & Tobz Remix) by Yenn *, Not my cup of tea, and I do like some Dub step, but this this.

Remember don't get too wasted tonight ;)

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