14 June 2009


I've got a pretty firm grip on what most genres of Electronic Dance Music sound like, but Techno has confused me for some time. What exactly IS techno? I know that everyone tends to refer to all EDM as techno, like, "Oh, I don't really like Techno, it's too repetive for me. I only like songs with lyrics." But Techno is something entirely different from, say, House or Trance. However, I'm starting to understand it more: Techno is much more robotic and lifeless, where House is funky and soulfull. For all ye that are interested in learning more about the history of electronic music, as well as the differences between genres, go HERE. And now time for an awesome Techno track by Jeff Mills:


The Bells - Jeff Mills

This is Detroit Techno.

Copa - DJ Hell
In the Copa, Copacabana...

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