14 June 2009

Just Say Y@ To Canada

The Vortex is the combo of Y@ and Reality, and this post is about their solo stuff. Canada does not get the recognition it deserves, as it's produced a fair amount of awesome guys, like Deadmau5, Chromeo, and MSTRKRFT (remember how awesome they were when they were Canadian and not Los Angelino). Well, here are two tracks by some up and coming Canadian producers that I'm really rooting for.


Just Say Yes - Y@
He found a new sound with this track, and I must say I love this direction. Big improvement from his older stuff and much more friendly to the blog crowd. Big ups.

I Love You - Reality
Pretty dubstep track. Not something I'd play live, but very enjoyable listen.


  1. yo i am working on the review, just a heads up

  2. I don't think being (or becoming) an Angeleno has ever made anyone LESS cool.
    They just got cocky; which may be a response to Los Angeles but not a direct result of...

  3. Well, it was more response to Aoki Syndrome rather than the location, so you're right. I apologize for dissing our lovely city, w00t lakers champions, etc. etc.