14 June 2009

Jay Stay Paid - New Dilla

Jay Dee aka J Dilla aka your favorite producer's favorite producer is the godfather of the experimental hip hop movement. His albums are some of the best hip hop albums of all time. Some of his work could even be classified as the next step from Soul music. Jay Stay Paid, having just came out (June 2 of this year), is a collection of previously unreleased material, mostly comprised of instrumental beats but also features some of his favorite rappers, including AwB favorite MF Doom. Dilla is the main influence of the new experimental/psychedelic hip hop scene that's arisen with already established artists like Madlib, Prefuse 73, and Daedelus, as well as the up and coming kings of the underground like Flying Lotus. This is one of the most exciting releases of recent.


Jay Stay Paid - J Dilla

I guess Detriot gave birth to more than just Techno, after all.

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  1. Dilla is still one of the most influential hip hop producers of all time

    RIP, homie