13 May 2009

This Lineup Makes Me HARD

Jesus christ. The funny thing is that it actually got more exciting for me the further I went down on the list.

Born Slippy [Nuxx] - Underworld
For those of you who happen to be unfamiliar with the headliner, and I'm sure that a lot are, here's Underworld's most famous track. You'll recognize it immediately. Why they're headlining an electro rave, I'm really not sure. However, as they've been doing this shit for years, I'm sure they'll put on a fantastic show. But I'm definitely most excited for SebastiAn and A-Trak.

Here's why Underworld will be awesome

A-Trak being the fantastic DJ that he is mixing Daft Punk, the best DJ in the lineup

SebastiAn killing it with emotional support from Kavinsky


1 comment:

  1. unfortunately i'm going to miss this show, so im hoping EDC and Deadmau5 are still in your guys' plans, we should also try to catch a low end theory show if we can (like nosaj thing's release party *hint hint*)