16 May 2009

The Bug - Some Favorites and London Zoo

The Bug is just one of Kevin Martin's musical aliases. He's been on the London music scene for over a decade, working in industrial hip-hop in the 90's with his acts Techno Animal(remixed by Mr. Oizo here) God, and Ice. As the Bug he produces tracks inspired by a range of west indies influenced genres, including Dubstep, Dancehall, and Grime. He's also had dubstep releases on Hyperdub as Pressure, which i've heard dropped into some sets, and it's good stuff so keep a look out for that.  He also happened to played at Coachella this year, when i heard this, I decided to get his latest LP entitled London Zoo, and i found a few really solid tracks, but was not really taken with the more dancehall/grime style tracks that make up the most of the album, just cause i'm not really a fan of those genres really, however, some track's, like 'poison dart' with Warrior Queen, or 'judgement' with Ricky Ranking are some really amazing dubstep tracks. I've also found some really good dubstep remixes of The Bug by Kode9 and Loefah(who i'd love to hear more from) I mean it when i say that these remixes are some of my favorite dubstep tracks, really hit hard, in a style different from the more rusko/caspa end of the genre, anyways you'll see what i mean, it's really cool, i love the sound, make sure you can hear that bass for full effect. I'll provide a link to London Zoo also cause it's worth checking out, you've got some cool collabs with spaceape, and warrior queen so, yeah, enjoy!

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  1. Poison Dart is the shit. One of the most amazing dubstep tracks I've ever heard.