03 May 2009

Teeth Mountain

"I don't know what god or gods you all are praying to but you're praying too fucking loud" - Boston Police Department

'Teeth Mountain' of the Wham City Art Collective is a Baltimore based six person percussion based band, who were just on tour with Dan Deacon this past year, that consists of Andrew Burt, Kate Levitt, Justin Frye, Greg Fox, Andrew B. Bernstein, Max Eilbacher, and Greg St. Pierre. Their music is a fascinating trance inducing sound collage in the vain of an ambient version of a velvet underground submission to an Indian Tabla Competition. Dancey chaotic noise-tronica, primal and spiritual, aptly described by one reviewer as "a peyote trip gone right." It's very well executed for the style, and manages to keep the energy, and most importantly, the listeners interest all the way through. Apparantly they have a mind-fuck of a show, so catch it if you can, they're as much about their performance as their music. Anyways, much love for experimental music, check this one out, their self-titled LP>

Teeth Mountain - Teeth Mountain

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