03 May 2009

Canadian Bacon!

I know you all love it, so I've got some for you now. No, it's not everyone favorite mounty Deadmau5, but rather The Vortex, comprised of two young producers (16 & 19). Now, most of you readers know this blog's stance on Canada, but we'll make an exception for this track. Straight from the Igloos of the north comes an interesting song that I can only describe as a blend of psytrance and house. This is not a track that I would play live, but rather something to eat some shrooms to and watch as your eyes show you things far beyond anything that an iTunes visualizer ever could. There's definitely room for improvement in their production skills, but I see potential as they've got some very interesting ideas with cool sounds floating around all spacey like.

Atlantis - The Vortex (Original Mix)


  1. This track is out there and really cool post more from the Votex.... they rock

  2. Thank you friend of Votex...
    We'll keep that in mind

  3. This is a sick song, without a doubt.

  4. love this track <3