17 May 2009

Powerful Dance Music

Just got another track from Canada, this time from Y@, who's half of The Vortex (check our post on them HERE). Unlike their other track, this one's a little more dancey. You can still hear the psytrance influence in a lot of the sounds he uses, but he's got an electro bass. What's most impressive is the quality of his production given that the kid is 16. I see a big future for these guys.


Powerful Dance Music - Y@

And here's a mix by him for those of you who like to listen to sets (we should post more sets). It's all hard hitting electro/fidget house.

Daily Wobble Therapy - Y@

*Track list in comments soon


  1. yo, ive been collecting a ton of sets, so i could be putting them up wif the artists too if you want,

  2. Also, if you don't mind, could you do posts on Zomby and Gigi Baracco in particular?