16 May 2009


Nero was a crazy ass Roman Emperor that did lots of fucked up shit, including kill his mother or play lyre while Rome burned only to blame the fire on the Christians and then kill a bunch of them. But this post is not about him, but rather a Dubstep/DnB duo from the UK that happen to have not one but TWO myspace pages (1 and 2) for their different genres I guess. I'll be focusing on their dubstep productions, but I'm gonna throw in one DnB track as well. They make a similar kind of dubstep to Rusko & Caspa, aka, hard hitting with heavy electro influence. Really heavy/filthy beats:


Something Else - Nero

Night Thunder - Nero
This one's got really pretty buildups

Dressed To Digress (Nero Remix) - Boy Crisis

Really heavy with an epic buildup. Also cool because Boy Crisis is made up of all Wesleyan alums (aka the school I go to in case that wasn't clear). Also their most recent track, grabbed this from Discodust.

Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix) - The Streets

This Way - Nero

Act Like You Know - Nero
I like DnB but I'm far too lazy to get really into it aka actively seek it out. If anyone reading this IS into DnB I would love some recommendations.

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